Van der Pol Oscillator and Spectra

In numerous scientific fields the study of a phenomenon is usually focused on its predominant effects (Berge et al. 1987) Often this approach leads to linearize the characteristic phenomena of a system.71 Indeed, the nonlinear effects are often regarded as perturbative and therefore neglected, however we know that they can lead to unexpected and surprising effects. It is possible to study such effects by means of the Van der Pol oscillator. As a preamble, let us consider the simple pendulum.

The simple pendulum: The figure hereafter describes the simple pendulum device where we can observe 9, g, l and m:

For such a device, the mechanics theory leads to the following equation, if there

0. By contrast, if there is friction, i.e. if dissipation is g is no friction 9 + y sin 0

g introduced, it is necessary to add a term dependent on 9 6 I 2a6 I ysinQ

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