Three Economic Goals—Are They Being Achieved? Three primary economic goals are economic growth (an increase in real GDP), full employment (less than 7 percent unemployment), and price-level stability (less than 2 percent as measured by the Consumer Price Index—CPI). Statistics Canada www.statcan.ca/ english/Pgdb/Economy/econom.htm provides links to Canadian economic data. Visit their links for Output, Income, Expenditures (under National accounts), Prices and Employment, and Unemployment (Labour markets) to assess whether these three goals are being met in Canada.

2. Normative Economics—Canadian Politics.

Many economic policy statements made by the Liberal Party www.liberal.ca, the Reform Party www.reform.ca, the Progressive Conservative Party www.pcparty.ca, and the NDP www.ndp.ca can be considered normative rather than positive economic statements. Visit their Web sites and compare and contrast their views on how to achieve economic goals. How much of the disagreement is based on positive statements and how much on normative statements? Give an example of loaded terminology from each site.

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