Supplements for Students

• Study Guide (ISBN#0-07-088670-9) Torben Andersen, Chairperson of Humanities and Social Sciences at Red Deer College, revised the ninth edition of the Study Guide, which many students find indispensable. Each chapter contains an introductory statement, a checklist of behavioural objectives, an outline, a list of important terms, fill-in questions, problems and projects, objective questions, and discussion questions. The answers to both Macroeconomics' and Microeconomics' end-of-chapter Key Questions appear at the end of the corresponding Study Guide. The Guide comprises a superb "portable tutor" for the principles student.

• DiscoverEcon (ISBN# 0-07-246135-7) Developed by Jerry Nelson at the University of Illinois-Champagne/Urbana, DiscoverEcon is available in a CD format or on the Web site for those who purchase a code. This menu-driven software provides students with a complete tutorial linked to the text. Each chapter features two essay questions, interactive graphs, a multiple-choice test bank, and links to the glossary—all tied cohesively to the textbook.

• Online Learning Centre Here students will find self-grading Quiz Questions, Internet Application Questions, Annotated Web links, and student projects or cases (prepared by Morris Marshall of George Brown College)—all specific to Microeconomics. For the math-minded student, there are Internet Math Notes, which explore more deeply the mathematical detail of the concepts in the text. For more information on the Online Learning Centre, see page xxvi.)

The ninth edition has benefited from a number of perceptive reviews, which were a rich source of suggestions for this revision. Reviewers include

Ather Akbari, St. Mary's University

Morris Altman, University of Saskatchewan

Sal AmirKhalkhali, St. Mary's University

Bagala Biswal, Memorial University

Dale Box, University College of Fraser Valley

Beverly Cameron, University of Manitoba

Norm Cameron, University of Manitoba

Shernaz Choksi, Vanier College

Santo Dodaro, St. Francis Xavier University

Bruno Fullone, George Brown College

Carl Graham, Assiniboine Community College

Geraldine Joosse, Lethbridge Community College

Nargess Kayhani, Mount St. Vincent University

Morris Marshall, George Brown College

Charlene Richter, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Richard Schwindt, Simon Fraser University

Judith Skuce, Georgian College

Lee Swanson, Lakeland College

Harold Swierenga, Algonquin College

A special thank you must be given to David Cape, Ryerson University, for his vigilant efforts as the technical reviewer for the text. His keen eye and attention to detail has contributed greatly to the quality of the final product.

We also give special thanks to members of our U.S. team who have revised the Fifteenth U.S. Edition of Economics.

We are greatly indebted to the many professionals at McGraw-Hill Ryerson—in particular Lynn Fisher, Senior Sponsoring Editor; Ron Doleman, Economics Editor; Maria Chu, Developmental Editor; Kelly Dickson, Manager, Editorial Services; and Kelly Smyth, Marketing Manager —for their publishing and marketing expertise.

We thank Dawn Hunter and Lisa Berland for their thorough and sensitive editing and Jacques Cournoyer for his vivid Last Word illustrations. Dianna Little developed the interior design and the colourful cover.

We also strongly acknowledge the McGraw-Hill Ryerson sales staff, which greeted this edition with wholehearted enthusiasm.

Cam bell R. McConnell Stanley L. Brue Thomas Barbiero

McConnell-Brue-Barbiero: Microeconomics, Ninth Canadian Edition

I. An Introduction to Economics

1. The Nature and Method of Economics

© The McGraw-H Companies, 2003

McConnell-Brue-Barbiero: Microeconomics, Ninth Canadian Edition

I. An Introduction to Economics

1. The Nature and Method of Economics

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