• Interactive Graphs (Java Applets) Developed under the supervision of Nor-ris Peterson of Pacific Lutheran University, this interactive feature depicts major graphs and instructs students to shift the curves, observe the outcomes, and derive relevant generalizations. For selected Key Graphs, Java Applets are available on the McConnell Web site,

— • Reviewing the chapter Important things should be said more than once. You will find a Chapter Summary at the conclusion of every chapter as well as two or three Quick Reviews within each chapter. These review statements will help you to focus on the essential ideas of each chapter and also to study for exams.

i The market system requires private ownership of property, freedom of enterprise, freedom of choice, and limited government. » The market system permits economic entities— business, resource suppliers, and consumers—

to pursue and further their self-interest. It prevents any single economic entity from dictating the prices of products or resources.

• The coordinating mechanism of the market system is a system of markets and prices.

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