Exercise 183

what will the

1 In Example 1, if the final-demand vector is changed to d, =

particular integrals be? After finding vour answers show that the answers in Example 1 are merely a special case of these, with A, = A-, = 1.

2(a) Show that (18.22) can be written more concisely as (5/ - A)fi = u

(h) Of the five symbols used, which are scalars? Vectors? Matrices?

(c) Write the solution for fi in matrix form, assuming (SI — A) to be nonsingular.

3 (a) Show that (18.25) can be written more concisely as

(h) Which of the five symbols represent scalars, vectors, and matrices, respectively? (c) Write the solution for ft in matrix form, assuming (pi + I - A) to be nonsingular.

for the discrete-time production-lag input-

output model described in (18.20). find (a) the particular integrals; (b) the complementary

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