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Fig. 3.3 Shading of transparent building surfaces by roof overhangs (left: single family house, right: multi family house)

Shading of buildings thus depends on the following parameters or factors. For a definition of the relevant angles refer to Fig. 3.4.

- Shading by the horizon Fh: determined by the solar position plot (see Fig. 2.20) or according to Table 3.4.

- Shading by projecting structures: overhangs Fo and side overhangs (fins) Ff are distinguished (Table 3.5).

The so-called shading factor FS covers the entire shading. According to Equation (3.5), it is composed of the horizon shading factor Fh, the shading factors of overhangs Fo and side overhangs Ff. Dynamic building simulations allow for a more precise determination of the total shading of a building than this simplified equation.

Table 3.4 Part of shading factor to determine the shading by the horizon Fh for different latitudes, window orientations and horizon angle (S south, E east, W west, N north; see e.g. /3-3/)

Horizon angle

Latitude 45

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