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Inadequacies of Search Engines

A complete listing of web sites and their documents currently does not exist. Instead, consumers need to visit different search sites or relevant web sites that might have useful links. This lack of a complete directory is not in itself a new problem. In physical markets, a telephone directory only lists local businesses, and there are a number of specialized directories for different industries and markets. However, there is no reason why all information housed in a library's reference section cannot be combined into one database, especially on the Internet. Combining different Internet search databases can further alleviate the hassle of having to use several search engines and the duplicative costs of having many users collecting the same information. To recover the cost of compiling an Internet database, more and more search engines are preoccupied with soliciting advertisers rather than improving data integrity and search efficiency. Search engines may be one of a few Internet...

Search Engines and Advertising

Search engine providers that use advertising are intermediaries, just like TV networks, that sell access to consumers or consumer information to advertisers. Their search databases are like television programs that attract an audience. However, why would a narrow-cast medium like the Internet need a business model that evolved to address the peculiar problem of selling over-the-air entertainment Unlike in mass media markets, Internet markets for content and advertisements can be separated. In the advertisement market, sellers (advertisers) can sell their products directly to consumers. Consumers will be paid for reading advertisements. In the search market, consumers will pay service providers directly for the information. In either market, product selection and prices will be based on preferences and costs relevant to either advertisements or search information.

The new economy as a new form of coordination

The representation of the market is founded on the interactions of the two opposite forces of supply and demand which contribute through different equilibrium categories to define the level of co-ordination. Within information and knowledge-based networks, supply and demand cannot generally be isolated in fact, they lose all relevance. Consumers do not consume search engines, access providers, sites, etc. but use them in order to get the goods they have decided to purchase or to access the services they need. Relationships of this kind can be considered as specific intermediaries that form a sort of bijection with the network as middlemen do with the market. If real markets were of the Walrasian kind, there would be no room for middlemen. Conversely, middlemen exist because of market imperfections, like transaction costs, missing information or poor quality information (Rubinstein and Wolinsky 1987). But Internet intermediaries exist as constitutive elements of the Web architecture....

Conclusion Entrepreneurship In A Globalizing World

The connectionist perspective on entrepreneurship is sharply at odds with how mainstream economists are driven to view the theoretical place of entrepreneurs in the modern world of globalization, a viewpoint that leads them to favor particular policies aimed at fostering it by making entrepreneurial activity more attractive to undertake. From the field perspective, the world is increasingly a place in which competition may come from any quarter, limiting scope for the earning of supernormal returns. The removal of barriers to parallel importing enables entrepreneurs who spot opportunities for arbitrage anywhere in the world to constrain the ability of manufacturers to practice price discrimination between markets. Aided by internet search engines, consumers can choose in an informed manner with unprecedented ease and source their purchases from anywhere on the planet that offers the best deal. The same applies to the allocation of investment funds in a world of electronic share...

Consumer Searches and Electronic Commerce

The search and information transmission mechanisms used in the electronic marketplace are too new for researchers to have determined their efficiency. In fact, there are contradicting predictions about what will happen. One view is that with computer technologies such as search engines and intelligent software agents, consumers may be able to search the whole information space at no cost. For example, suppose you want to buy a product. Using a computer program, you initiate a search mechanism that searches all the web pages on

Assessment and Activities

Using the Internet Search for information on the Internet about the Russian economy. Use a search engine. Type in the word Russia. After typing in Russia, enter words like the following to focus your search goods and services, government controls, competition, economic freedom, and transition economy.

Applications to ecommerce The Internet market for used books

It has been estimated that domestic sales of new books will reach 38 billion by 2004, up from 23 billion in 1994.10 The used and out of print book market is a specialty market within the broader market reflecting our literary culture. The used, out of print, and antiquarian book market provides an appropriate example of the dynamism of Internet markets. There are approximately 10,000 used and out of print booksellers from around the world belonging to one or more of the three major used book networks operating on the Internet. Abebooks,11 Bibliofind,12 and Alibris,13 network thousands of booksellers from around the world, with networked booksellers sharing common pooled resources, most notably a search engine. Acting independently, these booksellers would not be able to take advantage of the economies of scale in the production of search and, to a lesser extent, payment services (Abebooks and Alibris only), nor would they be able to develop the credibility these networks are able to...

The role of technology in implementing open IPR management

Technology can also contribute to open IPR regimes by describing licence terms in a form that computers can read. Computer-readable licences have a number of benefits. They allow automated searching for content that has been made available under particular licence terms. For example, using a search engine, a user could specify search criteria to restrict matches to only those images that are available without licence fee for non-commercial use. IP rights description conventions that are computer-readable are commonly called rights expression languages (REL). Much research and development effort has focused on these. The goal is to create a language which has fine enough granularity to enable the expression of all types of rights, for use in both open and closed environments. The language needs to be simultaneously descriptive and flexible. The International Organization for Standardization has recently ratified a standard for a rights expression language that is based on XrML...

Advertisements as Commodities

The second trend against the use of push advertising is the emerging payment methods for electronic commerce. The television industry, for example, relies on advertisers because it lacks a suitable way of charging its audience. Thus, television networks are ultimately in the business of selling the audience, not the programming, which is simply a means to achieve their ultimate goal. Likewise, Internet search service providers contend that their business is selling consumers or consumer information to advertisers, rather than the search database they provide. To be an information seller, there must be a suitable way to charge consumers for searches. Therefore, the use of advertising banners by search sites is a temporary solution until there is a suitable payment mechanism. Instead of paying for search services, some consumers might prefer to tolerate electronic banners. Internet advertisers, however, insist on paying based on click-throughs instead of on the number of banners...

Search Service and Its Market Implications

As mentioned earlier, the Internet is often touted as a means for firms large and small to improve their efficiency. However, efficiency in the electronic marketplace is critically dependent on efficiency in search activities. In physical markets, consumers learn about products and locate sellers through a variety of methods ranging from advertisements, word of mouth, directories and references, and pure chance. In contrast, the vastness of the virtual marketplace works to isolate consumers because of the lack of immediate space. Consumers cannot simply pass and remember stores while commuting to work. In the absence of this, search engines and online advertisements are key to helping consumers navigate the virtual marketplace.

Measuring the Impact of Online Advertising

Refined measures and methods are being proposed for the Internet. Proctor & Gamble (http, for example, limits payment for its ads on the Yahoo search engine (http to the number of people who actually request more information by clicking on their advertisement rather than paying based on the number of Yahoo customers to whom its advertisement is presented on their search pages. This is in contrast with the traditional method of measuring viewer-ship, and payment based on eyeballs, equivalent to the number of connections to Yahoo , or the hit

Digital Products and Consumer Searches

Half of the top 15 sites are actually search services, including the most popular, Yahoo (http, as well as other search sites such as WebCrawler (http, PathFinder (http, Excite (http, Magellan (http, AltaVista (http, and Lycos (http (see fig. 7.2). For the purpose of analyzing this significant sector in a broad context of the electronic market, the search market is defined as all aspects of search activities including content provision, location, and retrieving, all of which of course include intermediaries

Advertising versus Consumer Searching

Internet advertising is currently a curious mixture of passive and active information queries. Although Internet broadcasting of advertising is discouraged, electronic billboards are springing up in various places, and search engines are actively seeking sponsors whose advertising is presented based on consumer queries. If someone searches for a specific country music artist, for example, an advertising banner for a country music shop is presented. This is similar to targeted advertising in special interest magazines and journals, in which readers that share a common preference can be

Managerial Application 121

Price-conscious drivers commonly bypass high-price stations in the effort to save as little as 2i or 3i per gallon. As a result, profit margins on gasoline are notoriously low. Margins are typically so low that convenience stores see gasoline as a loss leader for other high-margin products. Although the typical driver will go out of the way to save no more than 50i on a tank of gas, that same driver will see nothing wrong with going inside the convenience store and paying 1.29 for a large cup of soda, 89i for a candy bar, or 3.49 for a pack of cigarettes. In no small way, convenience stores offer gasoline as a means of generating traffic for soda, candy, and cigarettes.

What is capital

The word capital is undoubtedly one of the most common words used in business and economics. When I searched the usage of the word capital using Google, the web search engine, there were 57.8 million hits compared with 21.1 million hits for the word wealth. The etymological roots of capital are more difficult to source than the word wealth. Webster's New World Dictionary defines capital, amongst several options, as wealth (money or property) owned or used in business by a person, corporation, etc. an accumulated stock of such wealth or its value and wealth, in whatever form, used or capable of being used to produce more wealth.41

Parts Bin Enterprise

Firms with a capacity to devise new combinations that fit into buyers' thought systems should have greater potential for survival than those that do not, for the latter will lose market share to them and suffer higher relative costs due to failures to achieve economies of scope. Just as we can test for the existence of a market for a particular product by using an internet search engine - as with the Paganini electric guitar example - so one might even imagine strategists in


If you don't know the exact URL of a site, commercial search engines such as Yahoo or AltaVista, can help you find information. Type a subject or name into the search box, then press Enter. The search engine lists available sites that may have the information you are looking for. 1. Log on to the Internet and choose a search engine to use. A search engine can help you quickly locate information on the World Wide Web. A search engine can help you quickly locate information on the World Wide Web.

Derived Demand

For example, in the pre-Internet era, anyone looking for a good deal on a high-quality vacuum cleaner might have gone to the local Wal-Mart, Target, or a specialty shop to look for the best bargain available. With the Internet, consumers can log onto, or your favorite Internet search engine do a search on vacuum cleaners and get data on hundreds of high-quality vacuums at extremely attractive prices. For example, with 15 to 20 for shipping via Federal Express or UPS, it is possible to have vacuums delivered in Lawrence, Kansas, from http in Houston, Texas, at prices far below those offered by the local vacuum cleaner shop.

B2C direct emarkets

Quite the reverse, a process of reintermediation or substantial changes in intermediation is presently occurring on these markets. Usual intermediaries are indeed replaced with infomediaries. These new forms of intermediation are especially useful when consumers are confronted with complex digital producers and numerous web sites. In this case, their decisions are indeed particularly difficult. From this angle, it can be seen that new intermediaries introduce a kind of ancillary market, which offers to consumers a bundle of services and information dedicated to help them to make choices. They also try to take into account problems related to the safety of transactions, namely, secure payments, product quality or delivery guarantee. This new form of intermediation also appears in the case of portals. Portals are not only entry points for purchase. Very often, they combine a search engine, an organization of available information, a means of interactivity between intermediaries and...

Search this book

Many personal web pages can actually be considered to be the result of a personalized search service in its simplest form. In many cases the pages contain nothing more than links to other web pages that the page creator collected and organized under his or her interest areas, such as My Favorite Internet Bookstores or Audrey Hepburn's Unofficial Homepage. In a fundamental way, these links represent a process of filtering of information, that is, choosing information based on a relevancy criterion, evaluated by the author, and presented to the public. Web search engines go through a similar process, although they cover a wider area of web space and may use more sophisticated selection criteria, the main topic of this section. Adequate search facilities are an integral prerequisite to informational use of the web. Surprisingly, however, the initial popularity of the web was due to its recreational, not informational, use. The distinctive feature of the web is the capability it gives...


36 Only 15 of those polled thought his regime did more good, and only 10 remained undecided. The poll was taken mid-January 2001, of 1,600 citizens, conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Center (VtsIOM). See Interfax (January 31, 2001). The Yeltsin regime is greeted warmly compared to the Gorbachev-era (no surprise for Russia-watchers, who all know the West was always happier with Gorbachev than Russians). Andrei Kolesnikov, AHope as Faith Izvestiya, January 11, 2001, as found online through their search-engine, at

Products As Systems

As an example of the former, consider the fusion between virtuoso violin techniques compositions and the electric guitar, a genre known in rock circles as, of all things, neoclassical shred. The fusion is epitomized in unadulterated form by the work of Kevin Ferguson, an enterprising but little-known guitarist who recorded the extraordinary self-released album From Strad to Strat. In keeping with the earlier discussion of website links, I discovered this CD, after years of hoping someone would come up with just such a fusion, whilst trying to find web materials regarding well-known electric guitar virtuoso Steve Morse. However, anyone with a similar vision - be they a would-be consumer or rival supplier -who thinks of keying Paganini and electric guitar into a search engine will discover that Ferguson is by no means the only artist to record violin showpieces on an electric guitar. Others have made further connections, most notably Julliard graduate Katherine Thomas, who performs as...

Search Engine Traffic Tactics

Search Engine Traffic Tactics

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