Taiwanese agriculture sector, 225 Target variable, 10 Tau statistic, 815 Tau test, 815-817 Taylor series expansion, 569 Taylor's series expansion, 576-577 Taylor's theorem, 576-577 t distribution, 122 Technological reasons for lags, 662-663

Test of significance, 126, 910-912 chi-square test, 133 versus confidence intervals, 139 decision rules, 133 one-sided/one-tail procedure, 132 of sample regression,

253-264 t-test, 129-133

two-sided/two-tail procedure, 131-132 Test statistic, 129 Theil-Nazur p estimate, 492 Theoretical econometrics, 12 Theoretical probability distributions, 887-895 Theory consistency with, 507 vagueness of, 45 Third-degree polynomial, 227 Three-variable model adjusted R2, 217-223 ANOVA table, 255 and Cobb-Douglas production function, 223-226 coefficient of determination,

217-223 estimation of partial regression coefficients, 207-211 example, 213-215 interpretation of regression equation, 205 multiple coefficient of determination, 212-213 notation and assumptions,

202-205 partial regression coefficients,

205-207 single and partial correlation coefficients, 230-232 specification bias, 215-217 Threshold level, 608 Threshold value, 318 Time, in economics, 657-662 Time effect, 643-644

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