Subject Index

Bernoulli probability distribution, 583 Best linear unbiased estimator, 79, 93, 248-249, 348, 901 and heteroscedasticity, 394 Best unbiased estimator, 112, 113,

348, 900 Beta coefficient, 165, 550, 781

definition, 174-175 Bias in indirect least squares, 789-790 pretest, 222n specification, 215-217 Big Mac Index, 156-157 Bilateral causality, 697 Binary response model, 581

approaches to developing, 582 Binomial distribution, 583, 894 Bivariate normal probability density function, 117-118 Bivariate regression, 37; see also Two-variable regression model

BLUE; see Best linear unbiased estimator Bond defaults, 593 Bond rating prediction, 592 Box-Jenkins methodology, 835, 840-848 diagnostic checking, 846-847 estimation, 845-846 forecasting, 847-848 identification, 841-845 steps, 840-841 Box-Pierce Q statistic, 813 Breusch-Godfrey test, 471,

472-474, 681 Breusch-Pagan-Godfrey test, 411-412

BUE; see Best unbiased estimator Bureau of the Census, 637

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