Pagan, A., 411n Palmquist, Raymond, 321n Pankratz, Alan, 838n Pantulla, S., 819n Park, R. E., 403-404, 418 Patterson, Kerry, 517, 553n, 793n,

799, 825n Pearson, Karl, 17, 129, 422 Peck, Elizabeth A., 318n, 345,

630-631 Perron, Pierre, 818, 826n Peterson, Andrew, 631-632 Phillips, A. W., 185n Phillips, P. C. B, 818

Pindyck, Robert S., 486n,

568n, 593n, 753n, 755n, 836n, 838n Pogue, Thomas F., 592n Pokorny, Michael, 840n Pool, William, 516 Porier, Dale J., 14 Powers, Daniel A., 580n Prais, S. J., 401n Price, Bertram, 153n, 331n, 369n, 381n

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