Organization And Options

Changes in this edition have considerably expanded the scope of the text. I hope this gives the instructor substantial flexibility in choosing topics that are appropriate to the intended audience. Here are suggestions about how this book may be used.

One-semester course for the nonspecialist: Appendix A, Chapters 1 through 9, an overview of Chapters 10, 11, 12 (omitting all the proofs).

One-semester course for economics majors: Appendix A, Chapters 1 through 13.

Two-semester course for economics majors: Appendices A, B, C, Chapters 1 to 22. Chapters 14 and 16 may be covered on an optional basis. Some of the technical appendices may be omitted.

Graduate and postgraduate students and researchers: This book is a handy reference book on the major themes in econometrics.


Every text is packaged with a CD that contains the data from the text in ASCII or text format and can be read by most software packages.

Student Solutions Manual

Free to instructors and salable to students is a Student Solutions Manual (ISBN 0072427922) that contains detailed solutions to the 475 questions and problems in the text.


With this fourth edition we are pleased to provide Eviews Student Version 3.1 on a CD along with all of the data from the text. This software is available from the publisher packaged with the text (ISBN: 0072565705). Eviews Student Version is available separately from QMS. Go to for further information.

Web Site

A comprehensive web site provides additional material to support the study of econometrics. Go to

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