Name Index

Simkin, Colin, 197

Sims, Christopher A., 712, 848

Smith, Harry, 369n, 464n, 538n,

541, 553n, 568n, 573n Smith, P. E., 733 Soldofsky, Robert M., 592n Solow, R. M., 196 Somers, Albert T., 29n Spanos, Aris, 3, 30n Spector, L., 605 Srivastava, Muni, 329, 542n Srivastava, S. S., 369n Stewart, Mark B., 364n Stigler, Stephen M., 119n Stock, 819

Stone, Courtenay C., 684-685 Stone, J. R. N., 1n Stone, R., 380n Strickland, Allyn D., 778 Stuart, A., 22-23, 109n Suits, D. B., 760 Summers, Robert, 700 Swamy, P. A. V. B., 322 Swed, Frieda S., 467 Szekely, Istvan P., 468n, 681n

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