R-squared 0.282693

Adjusted R-squared 0.271636

S.E. of regression 4.390177

Sum squared resid 10003.03

Log likelihood -1525.768

Durbin-Watson stat 1.857457

Mean dependent var 9.04753 8

S.D. dependent var 5.144082

Akaike info criterion 5.813515

Schwarz criterion 5.886283

F-statistic 25.56745

Prob(F-statistic) 0.000000

slope coefficients are simultaneously zero; that is, all the explanatory values jointly have no impact on the regressand.

Noting the individual statistical insignificance of the variables Hispanic, marital status, and race, but noting that the region variable is "reasonably" statistically significant, some of my students dropped the first three of these variables and obtained the results shown in Table 13.5. Now all the variables are individually statistically significant at a 5 percent or better level (i.e., the p value less than 5 percent). The interpretation of the various coefficients is

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