Galton's law; see Law of universal regression GARCH; see Generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity Gaussian linear regression model; see Classical linear regression model Gauss-Markov theorem, 76, 79-81,

400n, 453 Gauss-Newton iterative method, 569 Geary test, 465-467 General Electric, 638-640

Generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity, 488, 835, 856-862 Generalized equation, 478 Generalized least squares, 394-398, 400, 947-948 for autocorrelation, 453, 475 compared to OLS, 397-398 to convert for autocorrelation,

477-484 in panel data models, 649 General Motors, 638-640 Glejser test, 405-406, 424-425 GLS estimators, 396 Goldfeld-Quandt test, 408-410 Gold prices, 98

Goodness of fit, 81-87, 586-587 Goods market equilibrium model,

721-722 Granger representation theorem, 825 Granger test, 696-702, 793 Gross correlation coefficients, 230 Gross Domestic Product, 169-173, 793-796 growth rate, 229 Gross national product, nominal versus real, 99 Gross private domestic investment,

169-173 Grouped data, 598-600

point estimation with, 610-612 Grouped logit model, 600-604 Growth-oriented companies, 389 Growth rate, 178-183, 229 Grunfeld investment function,

638-640, 645, 649 g statistic, 480 Guess estimates, 524

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