Cagan, Phillip, 436, 670 Campbell, John Y., 826n Cappelleri, Joseph, 592 Carlson, Keith M., 532n, 660 Caskey, John P., 631-632 Chamberlain, G., 637n, 713n Charemza, Wojciech W., 13, 234n, 540, 698n, 793n, 796n, 804, 833

Chatterjee, Samprit, 153n, 331n,

369n, 381n Chen, Thomas Pei-Fan, 225 Chiang, Alpha C., 228n, 871n, 925 Chow, Gregory C., 275n, 681n Christ, Carl F., 290n, 495, 763n Clinton, Bill, 35, 277 Cochrane, D., 492n, 493n Cohen, J., 386

Cohen, Malcolm S., 590, 591 Colander, David, 14 Conlisk, J., 364n Cox, D. R., 599n

Craig, Allen T., 112n, 125n, 161n Cramer, Harald, 109n Cramer, J. S., 627 Cromwell, Jeff B., 793n Cuthbertson, Keith, 506n, 701n, 798n

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