Bartels, Robert, 400n

Basmann, Robert, 771

Bass, Frank, 731

Bassett, G., 415n

Becker, William E., 631n, 633

Blanchard, Olivier J., 186, 363, 701n

Blaug, Marc, 76n, 552

Blumstein, A., 386

Bodkin, Ronald, 565n

Bok, Derek, 628

Bollerslev, T., 862

Borjas, George, 544n

Bose, Duane C., 159n

Bowen, William G., 628

Breen, Richard, 617n

Brenner, Reuven, 14

Breusch, T. S., 411n, 472n Brownlee, K. A., 141b, 255n Brunner, K., 696n, 730 Buckland, William R., 422n, 442n Buse, A., 280n

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