There are many methods used by marketers to attract customers to their brands and products. A successful integrated marketing campaign will deliver a consistent message that is brought to the target audience through different mediums of the marketing mix. Advertising and promotional messages should be consistent and repeated often in order to create a clear image in the mind of consumers. Ideally, these promotional efforts will result in influencing consumers to either try new products, switch from their preferred products, or purchase more products from a company or brand. The end goal of all promotional efforts is to increase the company's product sales and profits through gaining or stealing market share.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

What you need to know about… Project Management Made Easy! Project management consists of more than just a large building project and can encompass small projects as well. No matter what the size of your project, you need to have some sort of project management. How you manage your project has everything to do with its outcome.

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