Let's say you own a florist shop and negotiated a contract with a vendor for vases just three days ago. You are meeting today to sign the printed contract. When the meeting begins, the other party says, "I know we agreed to all parts of this contract but when I took it to my boss for approval, he told me that the company now requires payment in 30 days instead of 45." When one party wants just a little bit more toward the end of the negotiation, this is called nibbling. Until you confront them and acknowledge the nibbling, they will continue to do so.

The key when dealing with dirty tricks is to separate the people from the problem. Instead of saying, "You tricked me! I'm not going to negotiate a deal with you liars," try "Well, as long as we're still in the negotiation process, there's one small thing we're not that happy about, either. How about us paying you within 30 days of receiving a vase shipment if you will guarantee these prices through the end of June?" You could also try, "Look, this agreement has already been approved by a lot of people from your side and my side. We have both already agreed that it is a fair contract, and I would prefer that we keep it the way it is."

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