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Students love Schaum s Outlines because they produce results Each year hundreds ot thousands of students improve then* test scores and hnal grades with these indispensable study guides

If you don't have a lot of time but want to excel in class, this book helps you:

• Use detailed examples to solve problems

• Brush up before tests

• Find answers fast

• Study quickly and more effectively

• Get the big picture without spending hours poring over lengthy textbooks

Schaum s Outlines give you the information your teachers expect you to know w a handy and succinct format-without overwhelming you with unnecessary jargon You get a complete overview of the subiecl Plus, you get plenty of practice exercises to test your skill Compatible with any classroom text. Schaums let you study at your own pace and remind you of aU the important facts you need to remember-fast' And Schaum s are so complete, they're perfect for preparing for graduate or professional exams

InsKie. you wtf find

• Full coverage of Mathematical Economics, from derivatives to phase diagrams

• Simplified explanations of indefinite and definite Integral calculus

• 710 solved problems m mathematical economics, ncfudmg step-by-step annotations

• Examples and worked problems that help you master mathematical economics

If you want top grades and a thorough understanding of mathematical economics, this powerful study tool is the best tutor you can have!

Chapters include Review • Economic Applications of Graphs and Equations • The Derivative and the Rules of Differentiation • Uses of the Derivative in Mathematics and Economics • Calculus of Muitivanable Functions • Calculus of Multivariate Functions in Economics • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions * Exponential and logarithmic Functions in Economics • Differentiation of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions • The Fundamentals of Linear (or Matrix) Algebra • Matnx Inversion • Special Determinants and Matnces and Their Use m Economics • Comparative Statistics and Concavo Programming • Integral Calculus: Tho Indefinite Integral • Integral Calculus The Definite Integral • First-Order Differential Equations • Firsl-Order Difference Equations • Second-Order Ditforontud Equations and Difference Equations • Simultaneous Differential and Difference Equations • The Calculus of Variations • Optimal Control Theory

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