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The 12 Minute Affiliate System

The 12 Minute Affiliate is a New, transformative online marketing system that eases the entire money-making process and makes it easy for even the newest affiliate marketer to get everything set up before you end your amazing day. The 12-minute affiliate program is well thought of software product developed by David Sloan and Devon Brown. It is designed to remove the tediousness out of the creation of your own sales pages. The authors have created a transformative new online marketing program that is different. This means that even new entrepreneurs can be ready to start earning commissions in as little of time as 12 minutes. What a Technological advancement! There are many derogatory claims about making commissions in 12 minutes. I assure you, dear reader, that The 12 Minute Affiliate system is not a scam, it is 100% legitimate that has been tried and tested by many people around the world. Obviously there are never any shortcuts to success and making money using this system is not as easy as you might think. Anyhow it is a very simple process, and your input and work are what earns you your commission. You are free to give it a try and see how easy and simple it is. Read more here...

The 12 Minute Affiliate System Summary


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Contents: Software
Creator: David Sloan and Devon Brown
Official Website:
Price: $9.95

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Highly Recommended

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a professionally made product. Professionally done by acknowledged experts in this area of expertise.

In conclusion, I would say that the learning curve for this software is quite steep and lengthy to get the full benefits from it's use. But if you are prepared to put in the hours needed to learn it's full capabilities this piece of software will give you many times that back. I can recommend this software to anyone.

Affiliate Bots Pro

Affiliate Bots Pro was invented by Chris X, who has been in the field of online marketing for some time. His main intention about this product was to solve some of the problems which are associated with the affiliate program. To use the product in the market, one needs to make good use of the four steps which are available in the e-Book. After following the instruction, it would then follow the marketer to earn some good money through the affiliate program. The product is available in videos and also e-Book. After you purchase the product, it would come with some bonus which would benefit the owner. In addition to that, one would earn some commission after buying the product in the market. Also, the product does not need any skills to use and also makes some money. Consequently, the product has been used by many people and it has a good reputation in the market. Read more here...

Affiliate Bots Pro Summary

Contents: Software
Author: Chris
Official Website:
Price: $97.00

Conversiobot Chat Bot

Conversiobot refers to an online chat space for blog-owners and other websites users to engage with their audience. With the technologically growing world, it is common that individuals with blogs and websites struggle to engage with their audience and to convert their interests into leads and sales. Conversiobot is an artificial intelligence technology that allows website owners to engage with their visitors instantly. The one thing that is quite advantageous about artificial technology is that it is quite affordable, and one does not have to spend so much on coding. Other than that, it is accessible at all locations, and an individual can access it while travelling or at homes. Sales are what ensures that websites stay in business and attract as many customers as possible. With the process of coding having been typical, it is quite expensive, especially for new website and blog owners to engage with their audience. There is a need for them to have a way through which they can afford to engage with their product consumers without digging too deep into their pockets. With the progress in technology, it is now very possible to do so. With tools such as conversiobot, it is possible to run successful businesses online as sales and leads will help draw consumers of the products. Read more here...

Conversiobot Chat Bot Summary

Contents: Software
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Training

Affilorama is one of the first pioneer websites that help affiliate marketers make money online. Affiliorama was founded in 2006 by Mark Ling and since then they supply new affiliate marketers with trainings and inspirational ideas. You can be part of Affilorama movement for free and learn from the extended amounts of tutorials, blogposts and videos and when you are positive about your success chances you can buy any of the three premium packages. Affilorama is a legitimate mentoring website for affiliate marketers there is no way they could work for all those years and support all that number of members unless they are very legitimate, I should say that affiliorama have 300,000 members. First premium package is AffiloBlueprint which contain three training guides on how to research the profitable niche, and a guide on how to market your website, and a guide on how to monetize your website effectively. The second premium package is affiliotools which provide you with all the web master tools including SEO, website health, traffic sources, tracking your affiliate revenue and your social media. The third premium package is affiliojetpack which include the first package beside all the content, email marketing, reports and webtools needed. Read more here...

Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Training Summary

Contents: Membership Site
Author: Mark Ling and Simon Slade
Official Website:
Price: $47.00

Evidence on the Efficient Market Hypothesis

Performance of Investment Analysts and Mutual Funds. We have seen that one implication of the efficient market hypothesis is that when purchasing a security, you cannot expect to earn an abnormally high return, a return greater than the equilibrium return. This implies that it is impossible to beat the market. Many studies shed light on whether investment advisers and mutual funds (some of which charge steep sales commissions to people who purchase them) beat the market. One common test that has been performed is to take buy and sell recommendations from a group of advisers or mutual funds and compare the performance of the resulting selection of stocks with the market as a whole. Sometimes the advisers' choices have even been compared to a group of stocks chosen by throwing darts at a copy of the financial page of the newspaper tacked to a dartboard. The Wall Street Journal, for example, has a regular feature called Investment Dartboard that compares how well stocks picked by...

Measuring the Costs and Benefits

The tariff raises the domestic price from Pw to PT but lowers the foreign export price from Pw to P* (refer back to Figure 8-4). Domestic production rises from 5' to S1, while domestic consumption falls from D1 to D2. The costs and benefits to different groups can be expressed as sums of the areas of five regions, labeled a, b, c, d, e.

The Wealth of Nations Analytical IIIPolicy I

Well then, chapter 2 deals with Money. He regards money as part of national capital and deals with the expense of maintaining it. But I don't myself think that what he says about money is particularly relevant to this part of my lectures. I shall refer back to Adam Smith on money when I come to certain controversies of nineteenth-century classicism.

Fixed and Variable Costs

These costs include interest expenses, rent on leased plant and equipment, depreciation charges associated with the passage of time, property taxes, and salaries for employees not laid off during periods of reduced activity. Because all costs are variable in the long run, long-run fixed costs always equal zero. Variable costs fluctuate with output. Expenses for raw materials, depreciation associated with the use of equipment, the variable portion of utility charges, some labor costs, and sales commissions are all examples of variable expenses. In the short run, both variable and fixed costs are often incurred. In the long run, all costs are variable.

Mutual Funds and the Internet

Originally, shares of most open-end mutual funds were sold by salespeople (usually brokers) who were paid a commission. Since this commission is paid at the time of purchase and is immediately subtracted from the redemption value of the shares, these funds are called load funds. Most mutual funds are currently no-load funds they are sold directly to the public with no sales commissions. In both types of funds, the managers earn their living from management fees paid by the shareholders. These fees amount to approximately 0.5 of the asset value of the fund per year.

Travel Agencies And Computer Reservations Systems

Travel agents have always been an important element in airline ticket sales, but the proportion of tickets written by them increased considerably following deregulation, apparently due both to the larger number of flights being offered and to the extremely complex and confusing fare situation. In the mid-1990s, it was estimated that about 80-85 percent of all airline tickets were being sold by agents, and there were at the time about 33,000 agents in the United States.10 Starting in 1995, however, the major airlines began reducing commission rates and placing caps on the maximum commission on any one sale. In addition, the major airlines began a policy of encouraging passengers to book directly with the airline, thus saving the airline all commission.

Intermediary Organizations

In 1945, the U.S. airlines, through their trade organization the Air Transport Association, established the Air Traffic Conference (ATC) which, among other things, was to serve as a regime through which the airlines dealt with the travel agencies. Since the agent actually writes an airline's tickets, and since the agent receives the money from the passenger, the airline naturally has great concern with each agency's competence, honesty, and creditworthiness. The ATC undertook the job of screening and accrediting agents, while the airlines for their part agreed not to allow their tickets to be sold by any agents other than those so accredited. A clearing-house was established within the ATC called the Area Settlement Plan, whose task it was to distribute among the airlines the ticketing revenues collected by the agents. Commission rates were set on a uniform scale. The CAB had to approve all details of the arrangements between the ATC and the airlines, including the commission rates,...

Bilateral Markets Dealers Exchanges and Auctions

An exchange can have a number of advantages over a bilateral market. It can reduce trading costs, increase competition, and produce a publically observable price. Depending on design and circumstances, it can also facilitate collusion and generally provides less flexibility than a bilateral market. Power marketers often favor bilateral markets because without an exchange there is more room to earn commissions as brokers and to appropriate the spread when they act as dealers.

Managerial Application 132

The art world and social elite of New York were shocked in December 2001 when jurors found that A. Alfred Taubman, former chairman of venerable Sotheby's Holdings, Inc., had conspired with Sir Anthony Tennant, the former chairman of rival Christie's International PLC, to fix the commission rates charged its wealthy art clients. Sotheby's, like Christie's, is an auctioneer of fine arts, antiques, and collectibles. Property in a variety of collecting categories are featured, including paintings, jewelry, decorative arts, and books. The company's auction business is comprised of a number of related activities, including on-site and Internet auctions, the purchase and resale of art and other collectibles, and the brokering of art and collectibles through negotiated sales. The company also markets and brokers luxury residential real estate, conducts art-related financing activities, and provides insurance brokerage services. leave Britain to stand trial the United States cannot extradite...

An Example Of An Antirentseeking Argument

Such activities are not the ones economists normally engage in moreover, it will be a little difficult to interest newspaper reporters. Newspaper reporters tend simply to say what other newspaper reporters have said.5 Granted that reporters behave this way, they are nonetheless normally looking for a scandal which they can make headlines about, and there are innumerable examples. The licensing of private yacht salesmen in California is my favorite case of the public being protected against low commission rates, but I am sure most economists can think of a half dozen more. But let us defer further discussion of general publicity for now.

Example 45 Many traders of each type

There are t individuals i with Ui ab and mi (0, 1) and t individuals j with Uj xy and mj (1, 0). We call the former type 1 and the latter type 2. We show that the ability of a single type-1 consumer to manipulate prices becomes negligible as t becomes sufficiently large. We begin by determining the demand functions For convenience, let's normalize and set the price of the second good equal to unity, with P denoting the price of the first good. For a type 1 individual, utility maximization implies MRS b a p1 p2 P, and thus b Pa. (Refer back to Example 2.4 for the derivation of the MRS.) The budget constraint is Pa + b 1 because a type-1 person is endowed with 1 unit of the second good, whose price is 1. The solution to b Pa and Pa + b 1 is

Secondderivative Test

* To see that an inflection point is possible when f (x0) 0, let us refer back to Fig. 93a and 93a'. Point J in the upper diagram is an inflection point, with x j as its critical value. Since the f'(x) curve in the lower diagram attains a minimum at x j, the slope off'(x) i.e., f x) must be zero at the critical value x j. Thus point J illustrates an inflection point occurring when f (x0) 0.

Product Customization

Digital product markets will differ significantly from physical markets both in terms of production and marketing. For online marketing, the emphasis is on the interaction between the seller and its customers. This increased interaction is important in production as well. This section examines why product differentiation becomes the most important aspect of digital goods production and evaluates the economic benefits and costs of varying product specification to the extent of customization.


Throughout this book we will refer back to the Ten Principles of Economics highlighted in this chapter and summarized in Table 1-1. Whenever we do so, a building-blocks icon will be displayed in the margin, as it is now. But even when that icon is absent, you should keep these building blocks in mind. Even the most sophisticated economic analysis is built using the ten principles introduced here.


Many years ago, when the tax laws were very different from what they are today, limited partnerships were often designed to serve as tax shelters. The basic idea was to produce an investment that generated large tax deductions without necessarily generating large economic returns. In some circumstances, the value of the tax deductions was even greater than the value of the original investment. These limited partnerships generally had high investment management fees and sales commissions, produced no real economic return, and, in the worst case scenario, left the investor arguing with tax authorities about the legitimacy of the deductions. In short, limited partnerships got a very bad reputation.

Recent Essays 197591

The essays in Part III Diagnosing the Austrian School's 'Great Depression' come from the later period of Lachmann's career, but refer back to those early years. While the economy was undergoing a great depression in the 1930s, it might be said that the Austrian school went through one as well. Lachmann often commented on the fact that the Austrians began the 1930s at the very top of the economics profession, and ended the decade at the bottom. These essays represent Lachmann's reflections on what went wrong in this tragic decade. They are the first that are out of chronological order, but they are arranged in an order intended to refer to the chronology of the events taking place in the period they examine.


Although a number of companies use the Web to further exploit long-standing competitive advantages, it is not clear that companies can use the Web to create durable competitive advantages. Hoping to stand out from the crowd, some Internet merchants devote as much as 70 percent of total revenues to advertising. Get ahead and stay ahead is the mantra at, a company trying to create a durable online marketing presence in books, electronics, computers, toys and games, health and beauty aids, DVDs, and much more. To date, has proven adept at quickly growing online revenues. It's a widely recognized online leader. However, even for, building online profits has proven elusive.

The Var Approach

The VAR approach shares with the LSE approach the diagnosis of the problem of Cowles Commission models but also questions the potential of traditional macroeconometric modelling for policy simulation and econometric policy evaluation. VAR models of the monetary transmission mechanism differ from structural LSE models as to the purpose of their specification and estimation. In the traditional approach the typical question asked within a macroeconometric framework is What is the optimal response by the monetary authority to movement in macroeconomic variables in order to achieve given targets for the same variables . The VAR approach recognizes fully the potential of the Lu-cas'critique and acknowledges that questions like How should a central bank respond to shocks in macroeconomic variables are to be answered within the framework of quantitative monetary general equilibrium models of the business cycle. So the answer has to be based on a theoretical model rather than on an empirical...

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May occur prior to marketing a product or concurrently, which is elaborated in Chapter 8. This section, however, focuses on the narrow definition of Internet marketing providing product information in the hope of increasing sales and evaluates the various strategies currently used or advocated. We first review popular myths and wisdom regarding Internet marketing, and analyze in-depth several popular notions, such as targeted advertising, push versus pull models, and active marketing. We end by summarizing some empirical studies on the effectiveness of these methods.

Information Trading

Information can be key to financial intermediaries in more ways than one. Some financial intermediaries restrict their operations to selling investment information in the form of newsletters. Brokers and other intermediaries are opening new business units to utilize their advantage in information access and processing. For example, Merrill Lynch & Co. plans to organize its online business as an information and financial service provider by offering online investment information as well as related services, such as stock quotes and

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