Supplements Program to Accompany the Seventh Edition

The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, Seventh Edition, includes the most comprehensive program of supplements of any money, banking, and financial markets textbook. These items are available to qualified domestic adopters, but in some cases may not be available to international adopters.

For the Professor 1. Instructor's Resource Manual, a print supplement prepared by me and offering conventional elements such as sample course outlines, chapter outlines, and answers to questions and problems in the text. In addition, the manual contains my Lecture Notes, numbering more than 300, in transparency master format; these notes comprehensively outline the major points covered in the textbook.

2. Instructor's Resource CD-ROM, which conveniently holds the MS Word files to the Instructors Manual, the Computerized Test Bank, and the MS PowerPoint Lecture Presentation.

3. Full-Color Transparencies, numbering more than 150, for all of the figures, tables, and summary tables.

4. PowerPoint Electronic Lecture Presentation, numbering more than 300 images, which include all the book's figures and tables in full color, plus the lecture notes. Available on the Instructors Resource CD-ROM.

5. Printed Test Bank by James Butkiewicz of the University of Delaware, comprising more than 4,500 multiple-choice and essay test items, many with graphs.

6. Computerized Test Bank, allowing the instructor to produce exams efficiently. This product consists of the multiple-choice and essay questions in the printed Test Bank and offers editing capabilities. It is available in Macintosh and Windows versions on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM.

For the Student 1. Study Guide and Workbook, prepared by Erick Eschker of Humboldt State

University, John McArthur of Wofford College, and me, which includes chapter synopses and completions, exercises, self-tests, and answers to the exercises and self-tests.

2. Readings in Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, edited by James W. Eaton of Bridgewater College and me, updated annually, with over half the articles new each year to enable instructors to keep the content of their course current throughout the life of an edition of the text. The readings are available within MyEconLab (see next section).

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