stocks, bonds


Mutual funds


Stocks, bonds

Money market mutual funds


Money market instruments

tutions were constrained in their activities and mostly made mortgage loans for residential housing. Over time, these restrictions have been loosened so that the distinction between these depository institutions and commercial banks has blurred. These intermediaries have become more alike and are now more competitive with each other.

Credit Unions. These financial institutions, numbering about 9,500, are very small cooperative lending institutions organized around a particular group: union members, employees of a particular firm, and so forth. They acquire funds from deposits called shares and primarily make consumer loans.

Contractual savings institutions, such as insurance companies and pension funds, are financial intermediaries that acquire funds at periodic intervals on a contractual basis. Because they can predict with reasonable accuracy how much they will have to pay




Table 2 Principal Financial Intermediaries and Value of Their Assets

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Lessons From The Intelligent Investor

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