Economic Analysis Of Banking Regulation260

Preview 260

Asymmetric Information and Banking Regulation 260

Government Safety Net: Deposit Insurance and the FDIC 260

Box 1 Global: The Spread of Government Deposit Insurance Throughout the World: Is This a Good Thing? 262

Restrictions on Asset Holdings and Bank Capital Requirements 264

Bank Supervision: Chartering and Examination 265

Box 2 Global: Basel 2: Is It Spinning Out of Control? 265

Assessment of Risk Management 267

Disclosure Requirements 268

Consumer Protection 269

Restrictions on Competition 269

Box 3 E-Finance: Electronic Banking: New Challenges for Bank Regulation 270

International Banking Regulation 272

Problems in Regulating International Banking 272

Summary 272

The 1980s U.S. Banking Crisis: Why? 273

Early Stages of the Crisis 274

Later Stages of the Crisis: Regulatory Forbearance 275

Competitive Equality in Banking Act of 1987 276

Political Economy of the Savings and Loan Crisis 276

The Principal-Agent Problem for Regulators and Politicians 277

Savings and Loan Bailout: The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and

Enforcement Act of 1989 278

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991 279

Banking Crises Throughout the World 280

Scandinavia 280

Latin America 281

Russia and Eastern Europe 282

Japan 282

East Asia 284

Summary, Key Terms, Questions and Problems, and Web Exercises 284

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