Course Management with MyEcon Lab

Every student who buys a new textbook receives a prepaid subscription to MyEconLab. New to the Seventh Edition of The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, MyEconLab delivers rich online content and innovative learning tools to your classroom. Instructors who use MyEconLab gain access to powerful communication and assessment tools, and their students receive access to the additional learning resources described next.

Students and MyEconLab delivers the content and tools your students need to succeed within

MyEconLab Addison-Wesley's innovative CourseCompass system. Students whose instructors use MyEconLab gain access to a variety of resources:

• The complete textbook online, in PDF format, with animated graphs that help students master the key concepts

• MathXL for Economics—a powerful tutorial to refresh students on the basics of creating and interpreting graphs; solving applied problems using graphs; calculating ratios and percentages; performing calculations; calculating average, median, and mode; and finding areas

• Research Navigator™—a one-stop research tool, with extensive help on the entire research process, including evaluating sources, drafting, and documentation, as well as access to a variety of scholarly journals and publications, a complete year of search for full-text articles from the New York Times, and a "Best of the Web" Link Library of peer-reviewed Web sites

• eThemes of the Times—thematically related articles from the New York Times, accompanied by critical-thinking questions

• Readings on Money, Banking, and Financial Markets—edited by James W Eaton of Bridgewater College and me and updated annually, with a focus on articles from Federal Reserve publications and economics and finance journals

• Additional study resources such as self-testing quizzes for each chapter, a weekly current events feature, online glossary term flashcards, and additional articles and supplemental materials

The Student Access Kit that arrives bundled with all new books walks students step-by-step through the registration process.

Instructors and With MyEconLab, instructors can customize existing content and add their own.

MyEconLab They can manage, create, and assign tests to students, choosing from our Test Bank, or upload tests they've written themselves. MyEconLab also includes advanced tracking features that record students' usage and performance and a Gradebook feature to see students' test results. Please refer to the Instructor Quick Start Guide or contact your Addison-Wesley sales representative to set up MyEconLab for your course.

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