An Easier Way to Teach Money Banking and Financial Markets

The demands for good teaching have increased dramatically in recent years. To meet these demands, I have provided the instructor with supplementary materials, unlike those available with any competing text, that should make teaching this course substantially easier.

This book comes with not only full-color Microsoft PowerPoint electronic transparencies of all the figures and tables but also full-color overhead transparencies. Furthermore, the Instructors Manual contains transparency masters of the lecture notes, perforated so that they can be easily detached for use in class.

The lecture notes are comprehensive and outline all the major points covered in the text. They have been class-tested successfully—they are in fact the notes that I use in class—and they should help other instructors prepare their lectures as they have helped me. Some instructors might use these lecture notes as their own class notes and prefer to teach with a blackboard. But for those who prefer to teach with visual aids, the PowerPoint presentation and the full-color transparencies of the figures and tables afford the flexibility to take this approach.

I am also aware that many instructors want to make variations in their lectures that depart somewhat from material covered in the text. For their convenience, the entire set of lecture notes has been put on the Instructors Resource CD-ROM using Microsoft Word. Instructors can modify the lecture notes as they see fit for their own use, for class handouts, or for transparencies to be used with an overhead projector.

The Instructors Resource CD-ROM also offers the entire contents of the Instructors Manual, which includes chapter outlines, overviews, and teaching tips; answers to the end-of-chapter problems that are not included in the text. Using this handy feature, instructors can prepare student handouts such as solutions to problem sets made up of end-of-chapter problems, the outline of the lecture that day, or essay discussion questions for homework. I have used handouts of this type in my teaching and have found them to be very effective. Instructors have my permission and are encouraged to photocopy all of the materials on the CD-ROM and use them as they see fit in class.

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