As always in so large a project, there are many people to thank. My gratitude goes to Victoria Warneck, economics editor at Addison Wesley; Sylvia Mallory, Executive Development Manager; and Jane Tufts, the best development editor in the business. I also have been assisted by comments from my colleagues at Columbia and from my students.

In addition, I have been guided by the thoughtful commentary of outside reviewers and correspondents, especially Jim Eaton. Their feedback has made this a better book. In particular, I thank the following:

Burton Abrams, University of Delaware

Francis W. Ahking, University of Connecticut

Mohammed Akacem, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Harjit K. Arora, Le Moyne College

Stacie Beck, University of Delaware

Gerry Bialka, University of North Florida

Daniel K. Biederman, University of North Dakota

John Bishop, East Carolina University

Daniel Blake, California State University, Northridge

Robert Boatler, Texas Christian University

Henning Bohn, University of California, Santa Barbara

Michael W. Brandl, University of Texas at Austin

Oscar T. Brookins, Northeastern University

William Walter Brown, California State University, Northridge

James L. Butkiewicz, University of Delaware

Colleen M. Callahan, Lehigh University

Ray Canterbery, Florida State University

Sergio Castello, University of Mobile

Jen-Chi Cheng, Wichita State University

Patrick Crowley, Middlebury College

Sarah E. Culver, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Maria Davis, San Antonio College

Ranjit S. Dighe, State University of New York, Oswego

Richard Douglas, Bowling Green University

Donald H. Dutkowsky, Syracuse University

Richard Eichhorn, Colorado State University

Paul Emberton, Southwest Texas State University

Erick Eschker, Humboldt State University

Robert Eyler, Sonoma State University

L. S. Fan, Colorado State University

Sasan Fayazmanesh, California State University, Fresno

Dennis Fixler, George Washington University

Gary Fleming, Roanoke College

Grant D. Forsyth, Eastern Washington University

James Gale, Michigan Technological University

Stuart M. Glosser, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Fred C. Graham, American University

Jo Anna Gray, University of Oregon

David Gulley, Bentley College

Daniel Haak, Stanford University

Larbi Hammami, McGill University

Bassan Harik, Western Michigan University

J. C. Hartline, Rutgers University

Scott E. Hein, Texas Tech University

Robert Stanley Herren, North Dakota State University

Jane Himarios, University of Texas, Arlington

Dar-Yeh Hwang, National Taiwan University

Jayvanth Ishwaran, Stephen F. Austin State University

Jonatan Jelen, Queens College and City College of CUNY

U Jin Jhun, State University of New York, Oswego

Frederick L. Joutz, George Washington University

Bryce Kanago, University of Northern Iowa

Magda Kandil, International Monetary Fund

George G. Kaufman, Loyola University Chicago

Richard H. Keehn, University of Wisconsin, Parkside

Elizabeth Sawyer Kelly, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Jim Lee, Fort Hays State University

Robert Leeson, University of Western Ontario

Tony Lima, California State University, Hayward

Bernard Malamud, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Marvin Margolis, Millersville University

Stephen McCafferty, Ohio State University

James McCown, Ohio State University

Cheryl McGaughey, Angelo State University

W. Douglas McMillin, Louisiana State University

William Merrill, Iowa State University

Carrie Meyer, George Mason University

Stephen M. Miller, University of Connecticut

Masoud Moghaddam, Saint Cloud State University

Thomas S. Mondschean, DePaul University

Clair Morris, U.S. Naval Academy

Jon Nadenichek, California State University, Northridge

John Nader, Grand Valley State University

Leonce Ndikumana, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Ray Nelson, Brigham Young University

Inder P Nijhawan, Fayetteville State University

Nick Noble, Miami University of Ohio

Dennis O'Toole, Virginia Commonwealth University

Mark J. Perry, University of Michigan, Flint

Chung Pham, University of New Mexico

Marvin M. Phaup, George Washington University

Ganga P Ramdas, Lincoln University

Ronald A. Ratti, University of Missouri, Columbia

Hans Rau, Ball State University

Prosper Raynold, Miami University

Javier Reyes, Texas A&M University

Jack Russ, San Diego State University

Robert S. Rycroft, Mary Washington College

Lynn Schneider, Auburn University, Montgomery

Walter Schwarm, Colorado State University

Harinder Singh, Grand Valley State University

Larry Taylor, Lehigh University

Leigh Tesfatsion, Iowa State University

Frederick D. Thum, University of Texas, Austin

Robert Tokle, Idaho State University

C. Van Marrewijk, Erasmus University

Christopher J. Waller, Indiana University

Maurice Weinrobe, Clark University

James R. Wible, University of New Hampshire

Philip R. Wiest, George Mason University

William Wilkes, Athens State University

Thomas Williams, William Paterson University

Laura Wolff, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Robert Wright, University of Virginia

Ben T. Yu, California State University, Northridge

Ky H. Yuhn, Florida Atlantic University

Jeffrey Zimmerman, Methodist College

Finally, I want to thank my wife, Sally; my son, Matthew; and my daughter, Laura, who provide me with a warm and happy environment that enables me to do my work, and my father, Sydney, now deceased, who a long time ago put me on the path that led to this book.

Frederic S. Mishkin

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