Why Are Workers In The Foodservice Industry Least Likely To Be Unionized

Supreme Court:

29. Describe current union influence in terms of membership and workers represented by unions.

Section 2 (pages 207-213)

30. Explain why a college degree can lead to higher wages.

31. Identify the purpose of collective bargaining.

32. List the approaches to resolving a deadlock between a union and a company's management.

Section 3 (pages 215-221)

33. Explain why men and women are said to have "human capital" differences.

34. Describe two corrective measures being taken to close the income gap between men and women workers.

35. Identify the original intent of the minimum wage.

Critical Thinking

36. flh3BQ3Dd33 Unions generally argue that the best interests of workers can be served when employees are members of a union. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Defend your answer.

EconnmicOpoHLiNE Self-Check Quiz visit the Economics: Principles and Practices Web site at glencoe.com and click on Chapter 8—Self-Check Quizzes to prepare for the chapter test.

EconnmicOpoHLiNE Self-Check Quiz visit the Economics: Principles and Practices Web site at glencoe.com and click on Chapter 8—Self-Check Quizzes to prepare for the chapter test.

37. Contrasting Identify the differences between mediation and arbitration. Which method do you think is more effective? Write a paragraph explaining your answer.

38. Analyzing Information Some people believe that in today's economy, the market theory of wage determination is more useful than the theory of negotiated wages. Explain why you agree or disagree.

39. Analyzing Visuals Look at Figure 8.2 on page 202. How does your state's position on this issue affect you? Why do you think your state supports or opposes right-to-work laws?

40. Inferring Why are workers in the food service industry least likely to be unionized?

Applying Economic Concepts

43. Civilian Labor Force As you go to and from school, take note of the various occupations around you. List at least 10 occupations, and then classify them according to the four major categories of labor. Which category is represented most? Is a category not represented at all? Why do you think that might be?

44. Minimum Wage Poll at least 10 people of various ages, asking for their opinions on the following statement: There should be no minimum wage. Compile the responses and present your findings to the class.

Interpreting Cartoons

Analyzing Visuals

41. Critical Thinking Explain how a supporter of raising the minimum wage would use the information from the graph below.

Minimum Wage

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Writing About Economics

42. Persuasive Writing Based on what you have learned about wage determination, write a short essay persuading a friend to continue his or her education after graduating from high school.

45. Critical Thinking Look at the cartoon below. What goal of the labor union movement does the cartoonist illustrate? What labor action are the beanie babies utilizing to achieve their goal?

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The Global Economy

"Offshoring" American Jobs to India

Have you called a customer service center recently? If so, you may have talked to a person with an American name and an unfamiliar accent. Many U.S. companies have decided to outsource a portion of their business, such as customer support, to companies located in the United States. Others send these jobs abroad, a practice called "offshoring." India is a favorite location.

Job Exodus

Customer service positions are not the only jobs headed for India. Work moving offshore also includes processing mortgages, overseeing payrolls, balancing business accounts, and handling insurance claims. When you surf the Internet, you're using search terms and archives keyed in or scanned mostly by Indian technicians.

India is attractive for several reasons. The country provides a large pool of educated people who speak English. In addition, India's day begins when ours ends, which means that U.S. companies can work all day and increase productivity by off-shoring overnight work to India. With fiber-optic cables wrapped around the world, it is cheap to transmit data from North America to South Asia. Perhaps the most important reason for looking overseas is cheap labor. A software programmer in India earns about $10,000 compared to an American programmer's salary of roughly $60,000.

Salary Comparisons


United States


Software programmer



Mechanical engineer



IT manager






Financial operations



Sources: Paaras Group; International Labour Organization

Projected Number of U.S. Jobs to Move Overseas by 2015

Art, design


Life sciences














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