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Prentice-Hall International, Inc.

©ft^fc^&JKtt/Piratice-Hall, Inc. 1996 WRMJi -

Copyright ©1995 by Prentice-Hall, Inc. This reprint jointly published by Tsinghua University Press/Prentice-Hall. This edition may be sold in Mainland China only. It is not to be re-ex-ported, and is not for sale outside Mainland China.

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»^SiiffilW Prentice-Hall Inc.

^3t/(M)W3S(Pindyck,R.S.), ( M ) # ^ # ¿R itKRubinfeld, D. L. ) ISBN 7-302-02494-4

CIP 10316 ^r it^^HiMiC^^it^^rt,« 100084) H^^ifeilhiwww. tup. tsinghua. edu. cn

787X1092 1/16 45. 25

U 1997 ^ 3 1 1998 ^4 J! fU^H ^ ISBN 7-302-02494-4/F • 142 £|J fit: 9001 — 13000 fe 49. 00'TC

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1996 12 M

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