-M ttHiii1.nltnmim.i-i¡rfr...T.iiTiTiiiitiTtii.nti.tiTilMrilrriil^^

1989 199Q I 1991 : 1992 11993 11994 :1995 1996 11997 1988 1999 ; 2000 I 2001 2002 j VALUE UNE PUB., INC.

8.10 3.20 : Sales per sh 1.90 2.10 j "Cash Flow'1 per sh

lAvgAnn'ÍPÍI j Relative PIE lAvgAnn'l Di'

CAPITAL STRUCTURE as of 9/30/01 Total Debt $5280.0 mill. LT Debt $1399.0 mill. LT interest $100.0 mill. (Total interest coverage: 12x)

Pension Liability None Pfd Stock None

Common Stock 2.486,907.000 shs.

MARKET CAP: $109 billion (Urge Cap)

«(Imiil) , ; Operating Margin d1496 ! d1410 d2260 : d3376 •

6156.0 i 7311,0 8403.C


Cash Assets 1812.0

Receivables 1798.0

Inventory (Avg Cst) 1076.0

Other 1794.0

Current Assets 6480.0 Accts Payable

m j^Reium on Stir. Equity 42% ¡Ail Div'ds to Met Prof

Debt Due Ott) er

Current Liab.

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