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Each chapter begins with a list of the major sections to provide an overview of the material that follows.

Key terms are boldfaced where they are defined in the body of the text. For easy reference, all of these terms are defined in a Glossary near the back of the book. Additional material is presented in chapter appendices at the ends of Chapters 3, 4, 5,8, 9, and 13.

Numerous worked-out Examples are given throughout the chapters. Although the decisions have often been simplified for clarity", most of them are based on real situations encountered in the authors' consulting experiences.

Worked-out Review Problems near the end of each chapter provide more complex examples that integrate the chapter material. A concise prose Summary is given for each chapter.

Each chapter has 30 to 50 Problems of various levels of difficulty covering all of the material presented. Like the worked-out Examples, many of the Problems have been adapted from real situations. A More Challenging Problem is presented at the end of each problem set. As mentioned earlier, Addditional Problems (with selected solutions) for Chapters 2-13 are provided on the Student CD-ROM packaged with the book.

I A spreadsheet icon like the one shown here indicates where Examples or Problems involve spreadsheets, which are available on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM. The use of computers by engineers is now as commonplace as the use of slide rules was 30 years ago. Students using this book will likely be yen- familiar with spreadsheet software. Consequently, such knowledge is assumed rather than taught in this book. The spreadsheet Examples and Problems are presented in such a manner that they can be done using any popular spreadsheet program, such as Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, or Quattro Pro. I Tables of interest factors are provided in Appendix A, Appendix B, and Appendix C. I Answers to Selected Problems are provided in Appendix D.

I For convenience, a List of Symbols used in the book is given on the inside of the front cover, and a List of Formulas is given on the inside of the back cover.

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