Problems For Section 251

1. Liability for accidents in a plant is placed on the employer. True or false: The employer will spend no more in preventing accidents in his plant than he would if the liability (that is, the cost of hospital care, etc.) were placed on the employee.

° 2. Federal judges have more power and prestige than do most practicing lawyers. The salary of federal judges, however, is well below what a good practicing attorney can make. True or false: If the offer of judgeships is random with respect to ability, this implies that federal judges on average will be worse lawyers than practicing attorneys.

True or False

3. That a college professor earns less than NASCAR racers (whose average speed through life is 200 mph) is evidence of the perverted values of Americans.

4. You would expect bartenders to be worse off in countries where it is not customary to leave a tip on the counter.

° 5. The wage of garbage collectors is lower than that of engineers because their work is dirty and disgusting.

° 6. The choice among occupations is not affected by a proportional tax on money income.

7. An unemployment compensation law (in which all unemployed are eligible for benefits) would reduce the wage rate in depression-prone industries relative to that in safe industries.

8. A worker in a remote district who has to buy all his food at high prices in the company store is worse off than one in a big city who can spend his wages wherever he wants.

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