The five capitals of Genuine Wealth

Genuine Wealth integrates and harmonizes five categories of wealth or capital which collectively contribute to the good life and form the basis of an economy of well-being.

The image I use to portray the harmony and integration of the five forms of capital is a flower with five petals surrounded by a circle. This is very similar to the medicine wheel of many indigenous cultures in North America. The five petals of this Genuine Wealth flower should be viewed as complimentary, integrated, in harmony and genuinely competitive (that is, striving together) because all forms of capital are necessary to optimum well-being and ultimately happiness. This image is consistent with Max-Neef's concept of the integration and complimentarily of human needs, recognizing that trade-offs are necessary. It also reflects Luca Pacioli's vision of divine proportion.

What are the five capitals? Human capital

Human capital means people: the sum of our individual minds, bodies, spirit, souls, dreams, visions, knowledge, skills, competencies, capabilities and other human attributes. Human capital also includes our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. A flourishing individual, household or community is one in which the human community is diverse, enjoys meaningful work balanced with meaningful leisure time, and time to pursue the aspirations of the heart and soul.

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