Fig. 5.2 (p.91) Computer experiment with the restricted three-body problem, using software from J.C. Sprott, Chaos Demonstrations.

Fig. 5.3 (p.94) Computer graphics of the Lorenz attractor using software from H.E. Nusse and J.A. Yorke, Dynamics. Numerical Explorations.

Fig. 5.4 (p.96) Drawing of Lithocubus Geometricus from D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, "On Growth and Form", 1917.

Fig. 5.5 (p.97) Drawing of Maupertuis in polar expedition outfit. Reproduced in Hidebrandt and Tromba, "Panoptimum" (Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Heidelberg 1984).

Fig. 5.6 (p.101) From Kepler's "Mysterium Cosmographicum" 1596. Published in Goodstein and Goodstein, "Feyneman's Lost Lecture".

Fig. 5.7 (p.103) Computer graphics producing a symmetric "icon", according to a recipe in M. Field and M. Golubitsky, "Symmetry in Chaos".

Fig. 5.8 (p.110) The Beluosov-Zhabotinsky reaction. From Winfree, "Rotary chemical reactions" 1974, Scientific American 230(6), p.82. Photo by Fritz Goro.

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