The Superfluity Of An International Lender Of Last Resort

We have argued that the risks of an international banking crisis have actually diminished over recent years. But we still need to consider the case for an international lender of last resort (LOLR) to cope with the risk of an international banking crisis. If the risk of such an internationally transmitted crisis really is as low as we judge, then no one would need to make the case for such an international LOLR. But suppose that we are wrong, and the risks of an international banking crisis in the early part of this century are actually rather high. Some might then argue that an international LOLR is needed to avert the threat of such a crisis.

This final section of this chapter argues to the contrary, that even if the risk of an international transmission of banking crises is high, very much higher than we suppose, an international LOLR is superfluous. This is because, in the event of an internationally transmitted banking crisis, the role of LOLR in supplying liquidity is fully satisfied by the domestic LOLR.

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