Writing a Journal

Why Learn This Skill?

A journal is a written day-to-day record of expenses, events, thoughts, and other accounts to which the journal keeper can refer at a later date. Governments and businesses keep Journals of receipts and expenditures. Individuals, too, keep journals for business and personal reasons. Keeping a journal can help you keep track of school assignments, recall important information, and express your own thoughts.

Learning the Skill

To write a journal, follow these steps:

♦ Designate a notebook or other booklet with blank pages and reserve it tor your journal entries.

♦ Start each entry with the date on which you record it.

♦ Write down any unique information or experience that you want to remember from that day. Use language that is brief and to the point. Short phrases are often adequate.

• Express any thoughts you may have about data you record.

• Stay up-to-date. Record events on the day they happen.

■ Refer to your journal entries for accurate information tailored to your own needs and interests.

Practicing the Skill

On a separate sheet of paper, write numbers 1-7. Place a check mark beside each number to indicate which items from the following list would be useful journal entries.

O Amounts added to your savings account © Correct answers to questions you missed on a civics quiz © Time school started each morning O Steps you took to log on to the Internet on your computer © Amount of federal spending for next year as announced on the news O Your opinion on how the federal government spends tax money © Points about local spending on schools you wish to discuss in class

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