State Government


When you make a purchase, you probably pay a state sales tax. Your state maintains many of the roads you ride on and funds the police forces diar patrol diose roads. Prepare a chart of your state government that shows major officials and their responsibilities. Contact a state official to express your opinion on a specific state policy.

»To learn more about state government, view the Democracy in Action video lesson 23: The State and You.


Organizing Information Study Foldable Make this foldable table to help you UUU^LM^iliUul organize what you learn about state government.

Step 1 Fold a sheet of paper into thirds from top to bottom.

Step 2 Open the paper and refold it into fourths from side to side.

Step 1 Fold a sheet of paper into thirds from top to bottom.

step 3 unfold, turn the paper; and draw lines along the folds.

step 4 Label as shown.


I*-*. te?.:

Reading and writing Fill out your table foldable as you read the chapter. you will organize information about the three branches of state government.

The Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison ►

Chapter Overview Visit the Civics Today Web site at. and click on Chapter Overviews-Chapter 12 lo preview chapter irrtorroaticn.

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