Roots of American Democracy


When our nation's Founders met, they drew inspiration from ancient Greece and Rome and Great Britain. Contact a local historical society to learn more about your community's founders and history.

a To learn more about the roots of American democracy, view the Democracy in Action electronic field 1rip 1: Independence Hall.


Sequencing Events Study Foldable Make fbis foldable to help you sequence mIm mm iJili i ' the events that fed to the creation of our American democratic system.

step i Fold two sheets of paper in half from top to bottom.

Step 3 Fold the four pieces in half from top to bottom.

Step 4 Tape the ends of the pieces together (overlapping the edges very slightly) to make an accordion time line.

Reading and Writing As you read the chapter, sequence the events that led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the formation of America's first government by writing a date and event on each part of the time line.

step 2 mm the papers and cut each in half.

step 2 mm the papers and cut each in half.

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Chapter Overview Visit the Civics Today Web site at and click on Chapter Overviews-Chapter 2 Lo preview chapter information.


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