The government's economic policies are aimed at strcngdicning the cconomy, solving economic problems, and protecting the economic interests of citizens. Ask a local librarian for help in finding information on recent government economic policies.

To learn more about how statistical measures are used to monitor the economy's performance, view the Economics & You video lesson 20: Measuring the Economy's Performance.


Analyzing information study Foldable Make this foldable to help you understand the role (he government plays in maintaining economic stability, ways in which the economy is measured, and the impact these things have on your life.

Step 1 Mark the midpoint of the side edge of a sheet of paper.

Step 2 Fold the outside edges in to touch at the midpoint.

Step 1 Mark the midpoint of the side edge of a sheet of paper.

Reading and Writing As you read the chapter, take notes by writing information under each appropriate tab.

step 3 Cut one of the large tabs in half to form two smaller tabs and label as shown.

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