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Analyzing Visuals

25. Study the map on pages 140-141. It shows changes in the House of Representatives following the 2000 census. Which states gained representatives? Which states lost representatives? Did any particular region of the country gain or lose seats? Explain.

Pi Technology Activity

26. Log on to the Internet and choose either or www.senate.ffov. Choose one of the representatives or senators who represents your community. Make a record of how your representative or senator voted on roll-call votes for the past week or two. Select a particular bill in which you have an interest and write a letter to your representative or senator, either agreeing or disagreeing with the vote. Explain why you agree or disagree.

Standardized Test Practice

Directions: Choose the best answer to the following question.

Which of the following is a cause that could prevent a bill from becoming a law in Congress?

F A bill is given a title and a number. G A bill is put on the calendar. H A senator filibusters a bill. I The Senate votes for a cloture.

Test-Taking Tip

Read the question carefully. It is asking you to mark the choice that leads to the rejection of a bill.

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