Self-Check Quiz Visit 1hn C/vtcs Today Wnb site at ■o.corr and click on Self-Check Quizzes— Chapter 7 to propsro for the chapter test.

24. Divide into groups and write a letter to the president expressing your views on a current issue. Share any response you receive with the class.

Practicing Skills

Reading an Election Map Refer to the presidential election map on page 170. Then answer the following questions.

21. How many electoral votes does your state have? Which 2000 presidential candidate did your state support?

Economics Activity

22. The president's annual budget is a plan for managing the nation's economy. Like any blueprint, it states overall goals and the strategies for achieving thern. Design an economic blueprint for a small business that you might start. Take into account spending, earning, and investment goals.

Technology Activity

23. One of the services provided by an executive department of the government is travel warnings for U.S. citizens who are thinking about foreign travel. Search the Internet for the United States Department of State Web site. Find a country for which there is a travel warning and summarize the warning.

Analyzing Visuals

Study the political cartoon on page 174 and answer the following question.

25. This cartoon shows President Roosevelt acting as president. Which roles of the presidency is he filling in the cartoon? Explain your choices.

Standardized Test Practice

Directions: Choose the best answer to the following question.

Which of the following statements is a description of the winner-take-all system of electing the president of the United States? A American citizens elect the president directly through popular vote. B If a candidate wins the popular vote, that candidate usually gets all of the state's electoral votes. C The electoral votes a candidate receives are proportional to the popular votes that candidate received. D Large states have more electoral votes than small states.

Test-Taking Tip

Before reviewing the answer choices, jot down an answer to the question in your own words.

Chapter 7 The President and the Executive Branch 187

M c Ki nlcy'swa rroo m duringthcSf: mish-Americ;inWir.

The white h-«use- >nce descril «od by Gerald F: >nj as "the- best public huusinc in the wurl'l" nnii by Harry Truman as a "glamorous prison"—turned 2«l3 in 2» »'3. < )n a typiicnl morning it is a village of fy M m i!>usy s- ails: the president and First Lady, ¿wieners, ji »urnalists, clerks, c.nks, ops, economists, quests, and tourists operating in harmi ny s m 1; acres.

This intricate m. ulel. >f the presidential mansi« n, built • «n a scale :»f 1 inch t • 1 f; h it, was le-.ain l'>> lh»f>2 ! ry J. hn and Jan Zweifel • »f' Irland« Florida. Except f-«r the I« cation :»f the libriry, which was pushed forward fi r sh><\v purposes, the Zweifels' White House is a faithful lecreati- -n - >f the iriviinil, down t > TVs, furniture, and paintings. The Zweifels contact the White II:»use every few Weeks t« > find i rnt if anything has changed. The fin-fr* t by 2<i-f>«t, lM-t. hi model, which includes tlie East and West wines (n»»t shown), tnok more than 5< i» u1«* h> airs t»«c: >nsiruct and o >st m- .re than milli- -n.

SITTING ROOM thisr>.>minh?nd-

Gtnerallyclaimcd paintedpgpor from

'•ythcFirstLidy, Chin*, thisrr^mw-is alLotedonc.-fthc 3 PRESIDENT'S

Suilding'sfirstwatcr STUDY F.~;.R.used dosetsinl iJOl. thisr^mascbed-r- - >m;theike"3g,ans

2. MASTER likedtohsvequiet

BEDROOM Nincy dinnershereinfront

Kcaj'andtcorcted oftheTV.

4 YELLOW OVAL as&JillClinton'sof-

ROOM Oneofthe ficcintheresidencc. m< 'sthist- <ricr< " ms inthehouse,¡Hook 6 LINCOLN

'-•nthecolvryellow BEDROOM

durinfthetenurec'f Linc-->lnsirne^the

DolleyMadison. Emancipation


OriAin-.llyp.lp.r^e 7 LINCOLN

bedroom,itserved SITTING ROOM

i STATE DINING ROOM Gilbert Stuart'spcrtnitof Ge :rieWishim1' n hun^hercwhenthe Uritisht'.rchedthc rmnsi tnin1314.


isfatiii iHisiiit jusMir 3?


)-.«hn Adams's breakfast n • -m wis where Rutherford P. Hayes took the oath of office in 1877.


Where Gr- .ver Cleveland married Frances Folsom, in 188C.


Thomas Jefferson's dining r: ¡m is n> w used br receptions.


The largest room in the mansion, it was used by Ahif ail Adams to dry the family wash.


i'laced here by the replica designers, the library is nctuilly located behind the Vermeil Room.


•eo »nted with Chippendale furniture, it was inspired by Churchill's World War II map r- n m.

DIPLOMATIC RECEPTION ROOM Site from which F.D.iv broadcast his fireside chits (though the fireplace at th?t time- wis fake).


Edith Wilson set aside this r 10m t > display china.

1/ VERMEIL ROOM Once used is 3 billiard hall, it takes its name from a display rf vermeil (lTildcd silver).

step 3 unfold the paper once, label it, and cut up the fold of the top flap only.



Judicial Branch it CITIZENSHIP AND YOU it


Compare arid Contrast Study Folrlahle Make this foldable to help you determine similarities and differences between the federal courts and the supreme court of the united states.

Step 1 Fold one sheet of paper in half from top to bottom.

Step 2 Fold it in half again, from side to side.

step 3 unfold the paper once, label it, and cut up the fold of the top flap only.

Reading and

Writing As you read, write information under each appropriate tab to help you compare and contrast the purpose and organization of these courts.

Judicial Branch it CITIZENSHIP AND YOU it


The American judicial system is one of die nation's most important institutions. It is up to the courts that make up die judicial branch to see that our nation's laws are justly cnforccd. It is also up to the courts to interpret the laws and to preserve and protect die rights the Constitution guarantees, l'ind out the location of the nearest federal district ccyiirt and court of appeals and the names of the judges in these courts. Prepare an informational directory.

To I earn more about the judicial branch, view the Democracy in Action video lesson 11: The Federal Court System at Work.

The Supreme Court building 190 Washington ling in

Chapter Overview Visit the Civics

Today Web site at and click on Chapter Overviews-Chapter 8 Lo preview chapter information.


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