Ticket x alping

To allocate resources efficiently, an economy must get goods— including tickets to the Red Sox—to the consumers who value them most highly

Like It or Not, Scalping Is a Force in the Free Market

By Charles Stem

Chip case devotes a class each year to the restfiro ti spcrts tickets He has a section m his «otwmics textbook on the saire subject.

Bui toi Case, an economics professor at »Sfcltesk^ Cotege, the sale and ■/.a'pinq ot spoils iicfc«s Is maie than in Inieiesiing theoretical pu«suf.. Like Marcwwl Mwd he has done pterty ol liislhind research in the W-qle. and I* h» tie stortes to pro-ie IL

In 1984, Case waited in line fcn Iwo nights on cartway Street ioqmSII tickets to one ol the classic CtWcvLakeis elumpi-onship veries. The night before the elrnactk seventh cwme, he wai in the shower when hti diughter calkrd cul Id him: "Bid Ihete'i agjyon the phone who wantito buyyoui ■CetSKS ttkrlv" Case said he wasn't leilrw 'But Dad" l>s daughter added "he's wiling to payet bast S>£Cti apiece toi thetr.'

LJie was vHIro 1V1 hour liter, a limo am<rd at the hsuse to pick up two tickets one rhit bebnyd to Case and one to a frtivri ot h*. 1 he dmr i Wt bc^rri $3,(XO

to Case and «her ecorcriUU, ticket* arc a wxtboo« case of ttv fnv m*krt in action When supply Is trr.tcdand djmand r, not, prices ihe and the pwpl? wiling to par more wil e«enivHlV get their hands on ther<v«s 'As tongas podDlecaricomfnu nicate. there Mil be trades.' said Case, in tte age ot the internet. Du>ers and sellers can link up onlr>?. throocn etor or jmiu:' ivt

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