Thf Monetary System

The Meaningof Money 642

The Functions of Money 6i2 The Kind* of Money <>43

IN THE NEWS Monetary from Iraq 644

Money in the U.S. Economy 645

t:ar<3i Prirt cirdt <ir4Wpwy W CASE STUDY Where Is Al the Currency? 647

I hr Eukal r Sjttlm

Try.-;-.- vt l'.'.'-r-.m'nl-Kvtt-rv PvnKint: ^r'.'1

Money Creation with Fractional-Reserve H.'nk:nh-I7n- M.^i-v Miilliplit'f_lSJ_

IN THE NEWS The Financial Crisis of 2C08 6S4 Problems in Controlling the Money Supply 656 CAS: ¿~'JCY Rarï Runt and :he Mormy Supply 6S7 ria- f »Mill R.itr ftV

Conclusion f>S» Summary 659 Key Concepts 6W Question* for Review 6«I I'roblemn and Application* 660

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