The Shortrun Tradeoff Between Inflation And Unemployment 801

The Phillips Curve 802

Origins of the Phillips Curv e »12

Aggregate tX-m.ind, Aggregate Supply, and the Phillips Curve 803

Shifts in the Phillips Curve: The Role of Expectations 905

The Long-Run Phillips Cum 805 The Meaning of 'Natural" 837 Rcconcilmg Th<x>ry and F. vtdenccr NiH Tho Short-Run Phillips Curv e 809 I V Natural Experiment for the Natural-Kate Hypothesis 610

ShifK in thr Phillips I The Role of Supply Shocks 812

IN THE NEWS Will Stagflation Return? 815

I he CoM of Reducing Inflation 816

The Sacrifice Rat» 816

Rational F-vpectationa and the Pauibility of Costles*

Disinflation 817 I !-■■ Wli k-.-r 'h-nt'.Hmr Nti 1 h- '■f.-yp.y-."-- tr.- fr^"

IN THE NEWS Managing Expectation! 822

Conclusion 822 Nummary

Key IviiKCplri_iii

IJiirsliims fur Kn ini MM Problems and Applications 825

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