The Real Economy In The Long Run 547


Economic Growth around the World SSO

FYI A Picture It Worth a Thouiand Statistic» 552 FYI Ar« You R.cher Than the Richest American? 554

1'nhiut livily. Il-r Rivlr .inJ Udf nninanls_5Ü.

How Productivity Is IXfti'rmlned $55 FYI The Production Function 557 !fS NMcaijrina Capi'.a1 SSii

¿"I'^Y Arc Nalu-al fosciurcci a L nit ;a tW,wTh? 15P,

Economic Growth and Public Policy S*0

Saving and Investment 5hl)

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Education 563

IN " 'L N:v/-j rfgnc;ina Human Capi-.a' ^ IK-illh i'.;'■.! Nn'.i I,,-'!_ini

Property Rifthts and Poliix-al Stability !•:•■• !'■•'•_

!IS NFiVS Eteacti S7C

Cnnrlii-iinn- Thr Impnil.mrr ut lnny,-Knn lirinvlh_ill

Kf> ("miifpii_221

Qiirilinn-i Inr Krvir»_Sil

Pioblfim and Applitalianrt_ill

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