The Influence Of Monetary And Fiscal Policy On Aggregate Demand 777

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Curve 781

FYI Interest Rates in the Long Run and the Short

Run 782 Changes in tin- Money Supply 78i The Role of Interest-Rate Targets in Fed Policy 222 IN THE NEWS The FOMC Exp'air.s Itself 786 CASE STUDY Why the Fed Watches the Stock Market (and Vtca Vorsa) 786

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Changes in Government Purchases 787 The Multiplier Effect 78* A Formula fi" the Spetul« . Mult-pliei 288 '■>;h:r -;•) I-". ' vhirlivr: Z£1

rvl ■■-un ' ".«I .y Viiaht Af'cfl Aaarcaii.g Sue." y 79.1

l'sioi; Policy to St.ibili/c ihf Ifflflflfly VvX

The Case for Active Stabilization Policy- 794 CASE STUDY Koynot.ant in tho Whito Houta 795 Five Case ¿gainst Active Stabilization Policy Automatic Stabilizers. 7<>7

Conclusion TV? Summary_" "i

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