Measuring The Cost Of Living 529

The Consumer Price Index 530

How the Consumer Trice Index Is Calculated 530 Problems in Measuring the Cost of Living 532

N THE NEWS Accounting for Quality Ch*igo 534 The GDP Deflator versus the Consumer Price Index 536

lnimlinx K iniinil it S jr i.iili-n Im tin- illrilMul Infliltl'l' ?}7

Dollar Figures from Different Times 538

Indexation 538

IVt ladt-x fiaatiftHa yanun r-.:ยป CASE STUDY Interest Rates in the U.S. Economy 541

Kfv Centtpfi_

Wiiritinni lur Kn ir\i_HI

I'r'.'Mfnviinri Applitalivn"

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