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Mvno >urrly. M'.'iv.'j [\ >ind Mvn^.iry liliiiiibniim I'hv Fi'frvto s-t a Mt iuiar\ ln,u;i'.'n -iiii A Brief Look at the Adjustment Pwce» 667 The Clmical Dichotomy and Monetary Neutrality 6A0 Velocity and the Quantity Equation 670 CA5L j'LCY Mprsy end Priccs OurinQ Fc-jr

Hys'sriiflar-s-na The Inflation Tax 673 IK' hirlr.T l-.llv.i 'v-l

IN THE NEWS A Reap« for Economy Disaster 675

The Com» of Inflation 676

A Fall in Purchasing Power? The Inflation Fallacy 677 Shoeleather Costs 678 Menu Costa 679

Relative-Pew Variability and (he Misallivat>on of

Resource* 679

Intuition-Induced Tax Distortions 680 Confusion and Inconvenience 681 A Special Cost of Unexpected Inflation: Arbitrary

Rod istributiorw of Wealth 682 CASE STUDY Th» Vfiwd of Oz and th« Fr*»-Silver Debit« 662

Conclusion 6H4

Key Cf ntcplii fry?

Question« for Review f>«5

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