Enviro tentai Economics

Some economists aee helping to save the planet

Green Groups See Potent Tool in Economics

By Je»ic* E Vssceliaro

MKtf «OrtjmiiU o( Qt^iing hgti poring |obt on Wall Street, a! preugous think Uni« and unWrtttlc. of at power-lui oj.cnvr^ft aoenct« lite the fecial Aesetve eut a growing number ac choounç id use ther tills not ta trac* Nbtlon i* crter-est «tesbut to '«cue «vers ar«j wes. The« ire the 'green economists,* more formai!)1 irown at envronmpntal economists, who use eccremic argumaits and sptems to penutfjf companfes to dean up poiuOon ml to Mp conserve rulvrd areui

Wotting at doMm Of ."d.txacy groups jrri a rn>Tdd state and federal environ menial agencies, they are helping » foe mul«e the ntrlectuil famnvoik behind approach«* to prawning endwgmd tpe cm feduckg p>iutioo and prewtag di male change They a ho are becoming a lint, between fcft tearing ad/ota: y groups ano tb*> puNic Mtj pit.ate sectors

•n the past. many <d.ixacy groups nterpreted econotncs as ho* to mike a profit or n-ailmur income.' oys lavtrcnce GoukVr a professer & erwronmental and resource economics at Stanford Unfctrsty ri Stanford CdH. "Were économats are mil erg that it otff \ a frameovrt for trtoutre jlVxaiton whe«e resources «re rot onl^ labor mi captai but natural «-sources at nwfc*

Embonmenal «onomlm a«e on the pay» S of g^iTtrrrert «pxn ithe Environmental Protection Agency had J hoot on hjC « 20W. up 30H from '99» and groups 0* the WMemcss Society. a V/athraon bated conv-a-aton group, which hit four rf ihem to wort on project such as assessing tn? ecotwm: impact d tiulUrg cd nwd rtr/rg tralh. Errdiutv TOntsi Defense. a ho bated n VVathngtoo, was one of the tin envr«impntal-art«tx.Ky groups to toe economists 3rd rott has dfcccit eighl, who do tuch things at de»ebp miriet tncentrset to .-ddrett ctv/Kinmrntal prabkms Ite citrate chjrg? and water 'tonzjei

There uied to be this dea ihat wr thoAKt Kiw to mo nettle the «wirotv mtftt because It h irwaloabte.' saysQrrtne AUi'f. who in 199' |oif«d ihe Wldemess Society, an advocacy graup n \%'ashrgtci\ OC. at one of the gnxc't firu «conofflfstf. 'But lf*e ooing to «newe m debate on the ttil aboj! iWIng n the A/cttc w to be able to coinhit the firurcUl argu-riwntt '/te haw to piaf thx caïd u w> air W»i>jtoto4e'

The IkM at envronmental ecotwm-in kegan to tale form ti the t9GCh tvhrn academics stated to apply tte Kols of eco nomlcs » the uistefi qxw incwment. the ditciplne gvn mote pepdm thraugh-out the 1560i when the frr/ramrerMl Protecbcn "Q&Xf jctopted a system ol ticdibie petmits f« phasrrj out lf«kd gasolne t wasn't until tt* ¡590 amerd menl to the Cfcon Ar Act, howe-rrt, that mot» «rrrtrorurtfMlwt «.rtcd to talc coo iwicssefoushr

The amendnwr* mpfcrrerteda system o( tradable atkiAuncet bi acd rain, a pro gram pushed by ;r«ronmcnt.il (X^nse Under the Ww, plants that can »educe l^i emitsloM more to« ettect-«ly miy sell their albAancet to more heavy pdljtert Today, the- program has e>«*<i?d its go.» of «cducinq the *r»unt of acd tain to hat Ht 19SJ k\el o-d it cefcbrated at evderte thit mirtcit can hrfc achet*- enwonmpn ta 19Mb its tutcess has cofrdnced lit fctmei who at the tnw curterdcd that rniticrmcritii regj'onnn was a mjttpr r/ ethics, not ecor»nc\ ard U-wted fcwall itK} tvpM^e xd «in retnericT wchnob-jy in all piy.ner piartt ir.ttead.

Greenpeace, ttv nwmatlofui cr*ron mental Mi ore of tte leadng cow nent» d the 1W0 anerdwrit 6ul Kefl Da-^in, research drectcr fix Greenpeace UW, tad ns tuccess and the l»ck of any sg niftarc actton on dmate paky thrcMjbout |lf»r| eat If 1990s bnxi^* Ihe organuaticn around to the concept 'A* now believe that [tradable perroitsj are tbe most stGWjfr fotwad syjtem of leOxrxj «mastont and cnMting the nentr«ei neceisaiy tor rrut tr<r rediKtiont'

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