Unemployment 613

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CASE STUDY Labor-Force Participation of Men and

Women in the U.S. Economy 617 IIST-F N-WÇ TNtPim nf Aiyl: Vnlg


[Xms the Unemployment Rate Measure What We

Want It To? 019 I low Long Are the Unemployed without Work? 621

Why An- l'hvfi- AliYiiuN-n-..- J'i-rplv '.. .it-nirl.-v.tr t*22

Why S-.T.-.- f ii'.li'.'riii. '■ r/.nnv.ynv.'.H 1- jirvitobl" 623 FYI Tig NiiTihftr <i?3 Public Policy and lob Search 624 Unemployment Insurance 625 \<\1~L NÎW5 ■Jwn-c'gyneM Pgl'cv A*. H?n-c ¿id Abroad £¿6

MinimiinvWiisi Lata £27

L'niimi J it J C olln tive Itjitjimn*

The Economics of Union» 630

Are Unions Good or Bail foe the Economy? 631

Tiir Tlirntv til Ffl'n iri« v Wa^i-fi_H

W'T'vr H-mIIII

Worker Quality 633 Worker Effort 633

CASE STUDY Henry Ford and the Very Generous IS A-Day Wag« ¿34

Conclusion «>34 Summary 635 Key Concept» 635

QufHiPftt li'l RfV if>Y_tiii rruMtm-i .»ml ApplitaliiMTi_iiü

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