The Economy's Income and Expenditure 506

The Measurement of Gross Domestic Product 510

Consumption 513 Investment 513

FYI Other Measures ol. Income 513

Government Purchases 514 Net Exports 514

CASE STUDY The Component» of U.S. GDP 515

Rial vfi-ru;i Nominal GDP_112

\ )■■■■ i |>' | ).••:..t..r ^ir r' B-rr CPP C-Y?' Rgwrt n^yy h til?l'.i finnrl Mranirr nt I rnnnmir Wrll-Rrinfi*_SI'!

f-i \rJi\i "he Jndcrarcjnd isprsny -Aii .-T1. Dv Intcrrasianai Drfc-cnccs in GDP and th-: Ci.nlity at Life S22

lentluvifln_i^l rY: Wio Yi'ira a: the Olyrr.ei;;? 524


Key Concept« S2S Question* for Krview 525 Problem* and Applications 525

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